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The following is a list of all badges available on this site:
Good Question Question received +6 upvote x11
Great Question Question received +10 upvote0
Good Answer Answer received +5 upvote x1
Great Answer Answer received +10 upvote0
Renewal Received Nice Answer badge in response to a question more than 30 days old x4
Revival Received Good Answer badge in response to a question more than 60 days old0
Resurrection Received Great Answer badge in response to a question more than 120 days old0
Wise 10 answers selected as best answer x11
Enlightened 30 answers selected as best answer x5
Reverential Selected 50 answers as best answer x11
Revered Received 200 total upvotes x9
Commenter Posted 50 comments0
Commentator Posted 100 comments0
Annotator Posted 500 comments0
Devoted Voter Voted 200 times x11
Copy Editor Performed total of 15 edits x9
Senior Editor Performed total of 50 edits x3
Watchdog flagged 1 post as inappropriate x10
Bloodhound flagged 10 posts as inappropriate0
Pitbull flagged 30 posts as inappropriate0
Devoted Reader Read total of 200 questions x12
Dedicated Visited every day for 10 consecutive days x10
Devoted Visited every day for 25 consecutive days x1
Zealous Visited every day for 50 consecutive days0
Visitor Visited site on total of 30 days x10
Trouper Visited site on total of 100 days x3
Veteran Visited site on total of 200 days0
Regular First visited more than 90 days ago x11
Old-Timer First visited more than 180 days ago x8
Ancestor First visited more than 365 days ago0
1,00,000 Club Received total of 100000 points x13
Champion Received total of 30 badges x10
Olympian Received total of 100 badges x3
[badges/bookmarker] [badges/bookmarker_desc]0
[badges/bookkeeper] [badges/bookkeeper_desc]0
[badges/bookworm] [badges/bookworm_desc]0
66 total badges, 6722 awarded to the community
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